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What is a discount ticket cute that can be moved conveniently in Kagoshima prefecture

When you go sightseeing in Kagoshima, there is a special ticket that allows you to take unlimited rides on municipal buses, trains and ferry crossings to Sakurajima.

▼Special ticket for kagoshima sightseeimg

The following public transportation is unlimited with the discount ticket called CUTE sold by Kagoshima City.

This is a sightseeing bus that goes around the main sightseeing spots in Kagoshima city. It will go around Kagoshima city in about 80 minutes per round.

You can get on from any stop and get off at any stop you like.

Regularly, it costs 190 yen per ride (100 yen for elementary school students), but if you have CUTE you can ride as much as you like on the day.

In addition to the course that runs every day, the night view course runs on Saturdays only, making it convenient for sightseeing in Kagoshima’s night view spots.

A sightseeing bus that goes around Sakurajima. It will go around in about 60 minutes.

It departs from Sakurajima Port and circulates to Akamizu Observatory Square and Yunohira Observatory (closest to the crater at an altitude of 373m, with a good view of Kinko Bay and Kagoshima city area).

The fare varies depending on the distance (120-440 yen, half price for children), but if you have CUTE, you can get on the day free.

The tram that runs west from Kagoshima Station. Two trains depart from Kagoshima Station. One train goes to Taniyama Station, and the second train turns north and joins other type of tram at Gungen via Kagoshima Chuo Station, where the Kyushu Shinkansen station is located.

Any tram can be boarded at 170 yen (80 yen for children) per ride, but if you have CUTE, you can ride as much as you like on the day.

This ferry goes around Kagoshima Port and Sakurajima Port. There are two main routes, a regular route direct from Kagoshima Port to Sakurajima Port, and a more cruise ship(Yorimichi cruise) via Kanze, which runs from Kagoshima Port to Kinko Bay.

The regular route is about 15 minutes, and the Morimachi cruise goes between Kagoshima Port and Sakurajima Port in about 50 minutes. Boarding fee of regular route is 200 yen, and Yorimichi cruise is 600 yen (all children are half price), but CUTE can be used as much as you like on the day.

  • view of Yorimichi cruise

This is a streetcar (tram) specialized for tourist routes. It departs from Kagoshima-Chuo Station, passes through Kagoshima Station, goes north from Korimoto and goes around Kagoshima-Chuo Station.

The time required for one round is 75 minutes and the usage fee is 340 yen (half price for children), but this is also unlimited if you have CUTE.

If you take the above-mentioned vehicle one round trip, the transportation cost is 2480 yen. CUTE 1 day use is 1200 yen, 2 days use is 1800 yen, so it is advantageous.

If you go around in sightseeing and drink sake from Kagoshima, it is a good deal!

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