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Saga tourist information summary

Saga Prefecture, where the airport was the latest in Kyushu!

There are many places to eat in Saga Prefecture, including Tosu Premium Outlet, the largest outlet mall in Kyushu, Yoshinogari Historical Park, Yobuko’s Morning Market, Yobuko’s Squid, Champon, and Sicilian Rice. Saga is a bit rural in Kyushu, but is popular for travel. It seems that Yoko’s squid is really delicious and it is preferred to be able to relax at Ureshino Onsen.

If you travel to Saga, you want to get the latest information. If you live in a nearby prefecture such as Fukuoka, you will naturally receive seasonal information, but when traveling from Honshu, you will need to obtain information from the local area via the Internet. Instagram and other SNS only contain fragmentary information, and general travel sites offer business, but the Saga Prefecture Tourism Federation, which is a public organization, says “Asobo-saga” We send accurate and unbeatable information.

It is a must-see site when traveling to Saga. “Asobo-saga” can be accessed from the image of Iroha Island ↓↓↓

●Nationwide version of the article from the tabisupo homepage

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旅を愛する30代。 妻とはオシャレ旅をするが、オジサン同士のダラダラ旅や、登山で単独行も好き。 47都道府県全てを旅行するのが目標で、行って良かったとこ、密かに狙っているところを紹介していきます!