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The way of going to Kobe Sanda outlet mall from Osaka

Kobe outlet mall is the biggest shopping mall in Kansai area. We can go there by train and bus from Osaka easily.This article is the introduction how to go to Kobe outlet mall from Osaka.

The way of going to Kobe Sanda outlet mall from Osaka

The good way to access Kobe outlet mall is to  take a train bound for sanda at Osaka station. After getting off the train at Sanda station, we can get on the bus for Kobe outlet mall.This the simple and reasonable way to access Kobe outlet mall.


But, when we go to Kobe outlet mall, we have two problems. 

One is “what is the direct train bound for sanda station?”

The another is “where is the Bus stop for Kobe outlet mall?”

This article answers them.

  • Direct train

There are many kind of trains at Osaka station. When you go to Sanda station directly, you can get on the JR train of takarazuka line.

“大阪” means Osaka station.

“三田(兵庫県)” means Sanda station.

all JR trains of takarazuka line do not go to Sanda station directly but many trains go to Sanda station directly.


  • Bus

After arriving at Sanda station, you can get on the bus No.10.This is for Kobe outlet mall.

At first, you can exit the ticket gate at Sanda station.After that, go to north west side as below picture.

So you can see down stairs near the building which roof color is green. you can go down the stairs.

After going down the stairs, you can find the signboard No.8,9,10. 

The signboard No.10 is the bus stop for Kobe outlet mall.

There are many buses for Kobe outlet mall.So, if you miss the bus, you can catch it soon.

▼The bus time table for Kobe outlet mall.

The bus fare is 270yen and pay it when you get off.

The time spent in the bus is about 20 minutes.

After that, you will arrive at Kobe outlet mall.

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