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The 3 hopeful new face restaurant at Kitashinchi in Osaka

“Kitashinchi” is well known as a luxury restaurant area in Osaka. In fact, if you have a dinner there, you will pay more than 10,000yen. But, lunch is different. you can have very delicious lunch less than 1,500yen in many restaurants.

The 3 hopeful new face restaurant at Kitashinchi in Osaka

Most restaurants in Kitashinchi were long-established, because of having a long history from Edo era. But, nowadays, a little bit change happens. many new face restaurants open in Kitashinchi and serve lunch cheaply. The aim of serving lunch cheaply is to make the restaurants known to customers.


I usually look for cheap and delicious restaurants in Osaka because I want to eat. I find the good 3 new restaurant for lunch and introduce.


1.”Kanayama”deep-fried skewers restaurant

This is a deep-fried skewers restaurant at night but daytime is a pork cutlet(Tonkatsu) restaurant. Atmosphere in the restaurant is Japanese style.

▼Kitchen as seen from counter seats

Lunch menus as below.

  • homemade fried cutlet(1150yen)”自家製ミンチかつ(120g)”
  • homemade fried cutlet with foie gras(1650yen)”フォアグラ入ミンチかつ(120g)”
  • fried aging pork cutlet in snow room(1280yen)”雪室熟成豚ロースかつ(120g)”
  • special fried aging pork cutlet in snow room(1800yen)”雪室熟成豚特上ロースかつ(140g)”
  • fried aging pork fillet cutlet in snow room(1280yen)”雪室熟成豚ヘレかつ(120g)”
  • varios kind of fried cutlet(1680yen)”あいのりかつ盛り”
  • special fried aging pork fillet cutlet in snow room(1900yen)”雪室熟成豚ヘレかつ(140g)”
  • Kirishima pork cutlet(1250yen)”霧島山麓豚ロースかつ”
  • special Kirishima pork cutlet(1750yen)”霧島山麓豚特上ロースかつ”
  • Kirishima pork cutlet(1250yen)”霧島山麓豚ロースかつ”
  • Kirishima pork fillet cutlet(1450yen)”霧島山麓豚ヘレかつ”
  • special Kirishima pork fillet cutlet(1850yen)”霧島山麓特上豚ヘレかつ”

All lunch menus include rice, soup, pickles,  grated yams. If you want, you can have a second helping.

✔︎You can choose the type of rice in plain rice, rice mixed with Shiso, boiled barley and rice, even if you have a second helping.

Green tea is free but you can choose not-free frink. You can reserve the restaurant from tabelog.

▼special fried aging pork cutlet in snow room

▼special fried aging pork cutlet in snow room(enlarged)

Taste of cutlet is very juicy and delicious. Compared with other cutlet restaurant, Kanayama’s cutlet is higher quality and cheaper. You won’t get a better deal anywhere else. 

2.Teppanyaki restaurant EMOI

With Teppanyaki, the chef will cook the meat, seafood, and vegetables while you watch.

You can eat various menu food at night, but lunch is mainly hamburg steak daytime. Emoji has only counter seats and big seamless iron plate for cooking

▼Inside of Emoi

You can wait with great enjoyment because the chef will cook the meat, and vegetables while you watch. 

Like this!

▼ Start baking. You can see a lot of gravy.

▼Steam with Covering

▼Finish baking

Menu is quite simple. You can choose only “Special black tongue hamburg” but choose sauce.  


✔︎You can only choose the “Special black tongue hamburg” but there are 3 type of quantity. 

  • 120g:1200yen
  • 200g:1500yen
  • 250g:1800yen


  • Baking cheese sauce on the iron plate. (+100yen)
  • Demi-glace sauce
  • Avocado & Tomato sauce
  • Ponze sauce with grated radish

 Ponzu sauce is soy sauce mixed with citrus juice, and ponzu sauce is used for many purpose. All lunch menus include rice, soup, pickles. Green tea is free.

▼Special black tongue hamburg(200g) with demi-glace sauce.

▼Special black tongue hamburg(200g) with demi-glace sauce(enlarged)

This is also very higher  quality teppanyaki restaurant and is a good deal.

3.Korean barbeque restaurant”Meimon tanichi” 

This is a Korean barbeque restaurant at night but daytime is a Japanese set meal restaurant. Atmosphere in the restaurant is absolutely Japanese style. All dinning rooms are private. 

▼Big private dinning room(we use it with two people.)

▼Good design flower in the room.

Nowadays, many Japamese restaurants become no smoking but, this restaurant is smoking OK. Smoke comes out when grilling meat, so cigarettes smoke is no problem.

Lunch menus are 9 types, and all cow’s meat.If you are not full when finish eating lunch, you can order additional meat. 

▼Lunch menu

I orderd Japanese cow’s Hitsumabushi which is chopped broiled cow over rice. In many cases, Hitsumabushi includes soup stock. You can pour it on the Hitsumabushi.

▼Japanese cow’s Hitsumabushi

▼Japanese cow’s Hitsumabushi(enlarged)

It’s very high quality Hitsumabushi because salty-sweet sauce goes well with rice and meat. When you eat with soup stock, you can add Japanese pepper, Wasabi, dried seaweed to Hitsumabushi. This is also very delicious.


It’s also very higher quality and cheaper lunch. Lunch at Kitashinchi is good deal, so you may want to go if you go to Osaka.

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