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Yokkaichi is full of charm! Good access to Aqua Ignis and Nagashima Sparland!

I went to a fashionable hot spring in Mie Prefecture. I’m not sure if the name is “Aqua Ignis”, it’s water or fire, but it’s a little cool naming.

Approaching the charm of Yokkaichi!

Yunoyama Onsen Aqua Ignis

Aqua Ignis is a complex hot spring facility with the theme of “healing” and “food”. “Food” has very attractive items such as limited sweets and bread products designed by chef Hironobu Tsujiguchi, and Italian food that uses plenty of local ingredients.

Located near Yokkaichi-Kameyama JCT in Mie Prefecture, which is famous for traffic jams, the surrounding area is full of nature. Plenty of stylish “healing”.

  • Entrance : Aqua Ignis
  • Hot spring and souvenir shop
  • Vegetable house
  • Terrace

Aqua Ignis is located in the area of Yunoyama Onsen, and if you are from Nagoya, get off at Kintetsu “Yunoyama Onsen” and you can reach it in 8 minutes on foot.

As you can see from the map, you can get to Yokkaichi, Gozaisho, and Nagashima Sparland in about 30 minutes, so if you have a car, it is convenient to access the surrounding area.

I can afford a day trip from Kansai, but if you want to go around in various ways, I think that it is ant to stay at Aqua Ignis and make it a base for activities. (Reservations can be made on the Aqua Ignis website)

Because it costs about 40,000 yen per night for two people, it is cheaper to take a bath at Akai Ignis at a day trip hot spring (600 yen) and stay at a business hotel in Yokkaichi (about 6,000 yen for two people), but the atmosphere is very Is good.


Yokkaichi is famous for shellfish, and the quality of shellfish eaten at izakaya is extremely high! The reason for recommending a business hotel in Yokkaichi is that you will get a coupon such as a free platter of shellfish at a nearby izakaya (about 2,000 yen)

* Recommended because Yokkaichi City Annex Hotel is cheap and has a food coupon!

Nagashima Sparland (Jazz Dream)

In addition, Godiva is sold at the outlet mall (Jazz Dream) in Nagashima Sparland for about one and a half years from 2017 at very cheaper price.

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