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The best Japanese-style restaurant”Shin-yuki” in Osaka

This is a Japnese-style restaurant”Shin-yuki”nearby Nakatsu station at Osaka.


One application”tabelog” for searching restaurant  which is popular to Japanese indicates Shin-yuki is very higher rank in Osaka.


I called the restaurant for reserving on that day, because I craved for Japanese-style food on one occasion.


Usually, we can’t reserve on that day, because the restaurant is so popular that reservation is full for a month ahead.


But, that day is different. We could get reservation on that day!

The best Japanese-style restaurant”Shin-yuki” in Osaka


We can go to Shin-yuki for 3 minutes by foot from Nakatsu station.

▼Appearance of Shin-yuki

The restaurant has 9 counter seats, 1 table seat for 2 people, 1 table seat for 4 people.


We can choose a course menu(7500yen), but We can also order our choice from more than 40 kind of menu.


At first, we ordered drink”Asahi super dry”. After that, we ordered foods.

▼A small appetizer(steamed fish with grated turnip on top)

I went to Shin-yuki in winter.

It’s a big hospitality to serve a hot appetizer, because I just carved for hot food first.

▼Boied okra and mulukhiya with soup stock.

Most Japanese people think sticky vegetables make us invigorate. I ordered it because I was a little tired from work.


▼Homemade Karasumi with radish

This is not normal Karasumi but Raw-Karasumi. We have never eaten it but very tasty like a sea urchin.

▼Pufferfish’s Shirako(Shirako means the testes of male pufferfish)

This is a regular item in Japanese-style restaurant but it’s a very tasty compared with other restaurant, because of no smell and thick taste.

✔︎In terms of pufferfish, restaurant “Ajihira” is a pufferfish speciality shop. This is also good Japanese restaurant.

▼Fried shrimp-shaped potato

This is also regular menu for Japanese peple in winter.(A crisp fried) 

▼Kyoto-style grilled sablefish

Sablefish itself is tasty but Kyoto-style grilled one is more tasty. Kyoto-style grill method brings out the flavor of the sable fish.

✔︎Restaurant “Jyubei” in Nagano also serves good Kyoto-style grilled sablefish.

▼Jyubei’s Kyoto-style grilled sablefish.


We ate at the counter seats and was watching manager of Shin-yuki. I found he has a big hospitality.


He questioned to me what type of Sake do you like, and I answered I like dry type Sake. He served the best sake for me.


Shin-yuki is also higher rank restaurant and the manager has a big hospitality. Usually, it’s a very popular restaurant, so if you want to go, you can reserve beforehand(about 1 month ago you go)

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