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Summary of Osaka tourist information

It is Osaka Prefecture, the largest city in western Japan!

There are plenty of places to eat including Expo, USJ, Fukushima Gourmet, Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki. Almost all gourmets except seafood are prepared at a high level, and the fare is about 20% cheaper than Tokyo, making it a gourmet prefecture. There are some fresh seafood but few. One of them is the seafood of a Japanese restaurant called Casablanca in the East.

Despite the derailment, there are really many features in Osaka, and it is necessary to carefully select where to go if you enjoy it while traveling on a limited number of days. What you want to know when traveling to Osaka is the hot information here. Now, this event is going on and this is what is popular! Information such as can only be obtained in real time from here.

The Osaka Tourism Bureau sends out seasonal information on Osaka from “OSAKA INFO”. A must-see if you are considering a trip to Osaka!

“OSAKA INFO” can be accessed from USJ images ↓↓↓

●Nationwide version of the article from the tabisupo homepage

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旅を愛する30代。 妻とはオシャレ旅をするが、オジサン同士のダラダラ旅や、登山で単独行も好き。 47都道府県全てを旅行するのが目標で、行って良かったとこ、密かに狙っているところを紹介していきます!