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How to reserve a highway / night bus in Japan cheaply

Express buses and night buses are sometimes more convenient than trains and airplanes. For example, there are the following cases.

  • At the end of work, when you want to go to your destination but you can’t get on train or airplane on account of time, you can get to the destination the next morning while sleeping, using a night bus.
  • By train, you need to change many times and take a detour. By plane, if you are too close and there is no flight, you can use a highway bus to get to the destination at the shortest distance than the train.

In some cases, a very convenient high-speed night bus, but there is one major problem.

Routes that are difficult to access by train or airplane, and where high-speed and night buses are convenient, are popular and will quickly fill up reservations.

This time, I will explain how to reserve a high-speed night bus at your will.

How to reserve a highway / night bus in Japan cheaply.

In most cases, high-speed and night-time bus reservations can be accepted at three locations: bus window, company, and the Internet.

If you are waiting for a cancellation, it is through the Internet that you can secure a space with the highest probability.

When making a reservation at the counter, company, internet, there is always a person in charge of receiving reservations in the case of the counter and company. Since the person in charge cannot always check the availability information, there is a time lag in the availability information.

For example, if a cancellation is received at midnight, the person at the counter or company can confirm the availability the next day. In the case of popular routes, reservations are made from the Internet in the middle of the night, and the next day the seats will be filled.

Therefore, you also need to confirm your cancellation information via the Internet, but some companies accept and do not accept online waitlists.

So, where is the company that supports waitinglists on the Internet? I summarized.

According to the results of a survey conducted by bus companies that handle bus routes nationwide, the only place where you could wait for a cancellation on the Internet was “WILLER EXPRESS”.

* It is stated that you can wait for the “Sakura sightseeing” on the Internet, but it is not possible when I tried.

This is a valuable internet wait-listing system, but we will explain the characteristics of buses handled by each bus company.


In the high-speed and night bus industry, it is quite famous. Although the price is slightly higher than the lowest price, there are many spacious buses such as executive type and cocoon type. (Of course there is also a 4-row standard)

When you take a bus for a long time, it is recommended that a bus that can sit comfortably has less fatigue and is comfortable.

In the case of a three-row night bus,

  • Footrest
  • Wifi
  • Drink
  • Toilet
  • Curtain
  • blanket

Etc. are installed. In particular, there is a feeling of personal space if there is a curtain and you can relax very much.

Waitlist method

Access the homepage of WILLER EXPRESS, and first select the bus seat you want to get on, such as 3 rows independent, 4 rows.

Then select from the list where you want to go from where you stay, and you will be taken to the availability screen.

Bon festivals are popular, and it is convenient to use a night bus on Friday night after work, as you can return to the town with your home the next morning.

If you press the button labeled Waiting for Cancellation”キャンセル待ち” on the vacancy inquiry screen, a screen for entering the e-mail address to contact when cancellation is issued will appear.

If someone canceled, the information will be sent to registered your e-mail address.

✔︎resister your e-mail address means”通知先メールアドレスを登録”
From the link in the email, click on the vacant seat on the date you specified and complete the online procedure to complete your reservation.

If you want to use a high-speed / night bus, you can wait a while from the Internet. This feature is more reliable than waiting for a call or waiting at a telephone or counter.

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