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Upgrade your hotel or rental car with early check-in!

It’s fun to go on a trip. Rent a car and drive and relax at the hotel is the pleasure of traveling.

When renting a car at a rental car shop or staying at a hotel, you may not be very conscious of check-in time, but in fact, you can benefit from quicker check-in time.

That means “rental cars and hotel rooms can be upgraded for free or cheaply.”

I will explain what it is, giving an example of actually upgrading it.

Upgrade your hotel or rental car with early check-in!

What is the relationship between speeding up check-in and upgrading your rental car or hotel room? Isn’t the majority who thought so?

Actually it is. That is, if a higher grade car or hotel suite is available on the day.

Rent-a-car shops and hotels keep high-grade cars and rooms vacant, so it’s better to have customers use them at low prices. Why you should be a repeater or get a good review by word of mouth.

Here are some examples of how you can upgrade for free at hotels and rental car.


These upgrades are often determined on a first come, first served basis. If you check in early and find a room with a higher grade available, you may be advised, for example, “I have a suite available today, but what if you like it?”

I have actually been upgraded by the following exchanges. I went to the reception 30 minutes earlier than the check-in start time.


It’s a bit early, can you check in?


Yes you can! Customers, there is room in the suite today, and will you upgrade if you like?


Thank you! Are you doing this on a first-come, first-served basis?


Yes, we will guide you sequentially if there is space.

So, just before the check-in start time, the room grade changed from twin to suite!

Room after reservation and upgrade. ↓↓↓

* Reservation for twin room

✔︎”エグゼクティブツインルーム” means executive twin room

*Suite room after upgrading

It was Hotel Okura in Kyoto. The room is two rooms + bedroom shown in the picture.

I was lucky because it cost 40,000 yen for two people. The regular price of this room is 180,000 yen.

There is no guarantee that you can upgrade, but it is a recommended way to increase your chances.

The trick is to check in at the reception about 30 minutes before the check-in start time. If you are lucky, you can upgrade your room!

Rental car

When I went to Hokkaido, I rented a car to go to Biei and Furano.

I booked the Nissan March with the small car because it was a trip for only two persons.

Two days and one night, 9512 yen including insurance! It’s so cheap.

Nissan Rent-A-Car Sapporo Kitaguchi store is open from 8:00, but I read that there are few people who rent a car in the morning and went to borrow it at 9:00.

Then, if your car is okay, upgrade from March to X-Trail(SUV:big car) for free. Proposal with!

I had replies to upgrade!

In this way, if you have a hotel or a rental car, you can often upgrade your grade for free.

It is not always possible to upgrade, but taking a little early action can save you money on your trip!

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