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Lake Biwa Terrace! Lots of directions and surroundings!

Recently, fashionable spots have begun to appear in Shiga Prefecture. One of the most exciting places is the Lake Biwa Terrace.

▼Scenery from Lake Biwa TerraceLake Biwa Terrace is located in Lake Biwa Valley, which is built on the mountain called Horaisan, and is easily accessible by car. (Accessible by train and bus)

Horaisan is a mountain slightly north of Mt. Hiei. From the foot of the mountain to the summit with Lake Biwa Terrace, you can go with a single ropeway and enjoy a cafe and meals on a beautiful terrace.

▼Lake Biwa terrace cafe (indoor)In addition, facilities other than cafes, such as “Water Play”, “Playground Square”, and “Mountain Activity”, are also available, so children and adults can enjoy it.

▼Other than cafes (Biwako Valley)

Lake Biwa Terrace! Lots of directions and surroundings!

How to enjoy

Lake Biwa terrace is not just relaxing at a beautiful cafe. There is a playground called Lake Biwa Valley right beside, so that children and adults can enjoy.

Superb view cafe

There is a stylish cafe overlooking Lake Biwa. In addition to outdoor terrace seats, you can enjoy meals and drinks while watching the scenery indoors, so it is safe even in rainy weather.

Seeing the view of Lake Biwa while picking sandwiches and fish and chips is a luxurious experience.


Outdoor terrace seats are popular and are quickly buried, so it is better to go early.

Lake Biwa Valley

“Water play”, “playground open space”, “mountain activities” and so on, you can enjoy with couples, friends and children.

▼Zip line出典:琵琶湖バレーHP:

▼Aerial swing出典:琵琶湖バレーHP:

There are various playground equipment such as unicycles, basketball, bouldering and quoits, and you can also enjoy the thrills such as zip lines.


There is a large parking lot (1000 yen / time on weekdays, 2000 yen / time on weekends and holidays), so we recommend access by car, but if you don’t ride a car, you can also access by train and bus.


If you access from the east of Kyoto or Shiga Prefecture, we recommend using the Kosei Road along the western edge of Lake Biwa.

It is like a free highway and you can arrive at the foot of Lake Biwa Terrace early to proceed smoothly without traffic light. On the other hand, the down road may be faster because it is crowded in the evening.

Train and bus

At the foot of Lake Biwa Terrace, you can get off at Shiga Station on the JR Kosei Line and change to the local bus (330 yen). (Route bus timetable)


Access from west side from Kyoto


There are points to note on the JR Kosei Line. From Kyoto to Shiga, there are two types, the JR Biwako Line and the JR Kosei Line. The JR Biwako Line does not go to Lake Biwa Terrace. (Ride to Yasu or Maibara)

If you go to Lake Biwa Terrace by train from the west from Kyoto to Lake Biwa Terrace, please transfer to the JR Kosai Line at Kyoto or Yamashina.

Access from west side from Kyoto

Once back to Yamashina or Kyoto, change to the JR Kosei Line and get off at JR Shiga Station.

Nearby attractions

You can enjoy two sightseeing spots around Lake Biwa Terrace.

Agaryanse(big hot spring)


A big hot spring  run by the Tenka Ippin Group, famous for its rich ramen. (Accommodation is also possible)

This is a large facility, so you can dine inside and buy souvenirs.

Visitors can also use the wristband to make purchases inside the building, for example, they can buy drinks in the bathroom. (I have never seen anyone drinking in the bathtub as expected)

If you give your wristband to the reception when you return, you can settle the purchase and the entrance fee together.

Ishiyama Temple

The temple is located in Ishiyama, Otsu city, where the autumn leaves are beautifully light up. Although it was famous in Shiga Prefecture, it has recently attracted attention from other prefectures and is likely to become popular in the future.

The lighting of the light-up was natural and beautiful.

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