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Summary of 10 recommended hot springs in Gunma

Gunma is actually famous for hot springs. The prefecture is a mecca of hot springs with more than 200 hot springs ryokan hotel and more than 90 hot springs where you can stay.

Gunma Prefecture also has Kusatsu Onsen, which is always in first place in Japan’s Top 100 Hot Springs. Here are 11 selected hot springs in Gunma!

Summary of 10 recommended hot springs in Gunma

Kusatsu onsen

A hot spring that represents Japan with the highest natural flow rate. It features strong acid hot water with a scent of sulfur. Hot spring town spreads around “Yubatake” where much amount of Onsen springs and is full of tourists.







▼Nishikawara open-air bath


Ikaho Onsen

A famous Japanese hot spring located on the side of Mt. Shiina. It is a hot spring town lined with souvenir shops and inns around the famous stone steps. It is said to be the birthplace of hot spring buns.

▼appearance”Ikaho onsen”


▼Stone steps at the end of the stairs

Isobe onsen

There are many inns along the clear stream of Yui River overlooking the steep Mt. Myogi. It has long been loved by literary ink artists and is also known as the birthplace of hot spring symbols(♨︎).

▼appearance”Isobe onsen”source:HP:

▼foot bath source:HP:

▼fireworks festival source:HP:

Houshi Onsen (Inn: Chojukan)

Houshi Onsen is a secret hot spring famous for its unisex bathing “Houshinoyu”. The hot spring is said to be the “ultimate hot spring”, and it is a well-known inn with a reputation for local consumption kaiseki cuisine.

Although it is a secret hot spring, it has excellent access, and it is possible to take a two-day trip from the Tokyo metropolitan area.

▼appearance”Houshi onsen”


▼Hot spring of all cypress making


Takaragawa Onsen (Inn: Osenkaku)

Located in the upstream of the Tone River, a secret hot spring standing in the great nature along the mountain stream of Takarakawa. There are three unisex hot spring and one female-only open-air hot spring. These are made by a plenty of megaliths.

It is a hot spring with plenty of healing effects, wrapped in pristine nature and feeling the clear stream of Takarakawa.

▼appearance”Takarakawa onsen”


Minakami onsen

Located at the headwaters of the Tone River, the beauty of gorges such as the Minakami Gorge and Suwa Gorge coexists with the calm hot spring town. The surrounding area also has unique hot springs such as Sarugakyo Onsen, Takarakawa Onsen, and Hoshi Onsen, and is famous as Minakami 18 Onsen.

▼appearance”Minakami onsen”


▼town”Minakami onsen”


Yakushi Onsen (inn)

Yakushi onsen is famous for Kabuki. A natural hot spring springs out over 200 years ago. It is said that it has been discovered by travelers and it is a secret hot spring where you can enjoy the changing seasonal atmosphere.

▼appearance”Yakushi onsen”


▼Yakushi onsen(hot spring )


Manza onsen

A hot spring springs out at a height of 1800m on the southwestern foot of Mt. Shirane, where you can enjoy a superb view. You can enjoy various hot springs such as iron contained spring, alkaline spring. “Kurayu”, where hot water is blowing from the rocks, is also famous.

As an aside, there are actually many hot springs that spring up on the hillsides and above the mountains. There are many hot springs that are not well known because of bad access, but the quality is good. For example, Tateyama Murodo, Takamagahara Onsen and so on.

▼appearance”manza onsen”


▼Komakusa no Yu


Shima onsen

A quiet hot spring area spread in the mountains. The quality of the spring that is soft and adapts to the skin has been said to be “effective against 40,000 diseases”. The healing space full of emotions is secretly popular.

▼appearance”Shima onsen”


▼”Shima” clear stream hot spring


Oigami onsen

A hot spring resort located along the Katashina River in the mountains. “Fukiwari Waterfall” and “Katashina Valley” are close by, so you can enjoy the beautiful nature of the four seasons, including the autumn leaves.

▼appearance”Oigami onsen”


▼hot spring


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