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Tottori tourist information summary

Speaking of San’in, Tottori Prefecture!

There are various famous places and specialties such as Tottori Sand Dunes, Hoki Daisen, Rakkyo, Oyama Ruby (pork).

Tottori Sand Dunes is a tourist spot that everyone knows, but Hoki Daisen is actually a hidden tourist spot. Because it is possible to reach the summit by ropeway, ordinary people can easily access.

Tottori has more attractions and gourmets than you know. Do you want to know the most up-to-date information when planning your trip to “Let’s go to Tottori?”

The most reliable source of raw information from Tottori is from the locals. The Tottori Prefectural Tourism Federation allows you to see gourmet and sightseeing spots and even download sightseeing brochures. It is advantageous if you use it!

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旅を愛する30代。 妻とはオシャレ旅をするが、オジサン同士のダラダラ旅や、登山で単独行も好き。 47都道府県全てを旅行するのが目標で、行って良かったとこ、密かに狙っているところを紹介していきます!