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Yosakoi’s closing festival is the fine stage where only the winning teams dance

The schedule for the Yosakoi Festival and the Bon Festival holidays overlapped, so I returned to my wife’s home and went to Kochi Prefecture.

It is a highway bus from Sannomiya to Kochi Station.

Sannomiya Bus Terminal is located on the first floor of Mint Kobe. Right on the south side of JR Sannomiya.

When you enter, there is a bus ticket counter and a waiting area where you can wait for the arrival of the reserved bus.

You can get to Kochi Station in about 4 hours by taking the express bus.

In the case of JR bus, it stops at two service areas (SA) on the way. Murotsu SA and Yoshinogawa SA.

It is convenient because both SAs have convenience stores and toilets, but it is still crowded during consecutive holidays.

In particular, women’s toilets have long queues, so it is difficult for women to go to the toilet if there is only a short stop on the highway bus.

In case you can not go to the toilet by SA, we recommend that you choose a three-row seat toilet when booking a highway bus.

We arrived in Kochi somehow while being caught in traffic due to the Bon Festival holiday.

Harimayabashi is famous for its three major disappointments in Japan. The day when I visited Kochi was Yosakoi, the day of the evening festival, so there were lots of dancers.

After this, I went to Hirome market, but it was too crowded and pulled. As expected, people come from all over the country when it comes to Yosakoi.

Kochi is famous for skipjack bonito, but there are shops in Hirome market that offer bonito skipjackets that are particularly popular with locals.

It is Yoshiteru and Yairotei. There is really no smell, and the skin has a good smell of grilled straw and is irresistible.

There is no need for sauce because it does not smell. It’s best to put on garlic and wasabi.

Yosakoi 2018! Later Night Festival

Until the late night festival, teams from all over the country dance while walking around Kochi. The dances are ranked by the jury and only the winning team can dance on the stage of the evening festival.

State of Yosakoi dance ↓↓↓

①Jikata carThe car that runs ahead of Yosakoi’s dancer plays the main role as a sound source.

As shown in the photo, there are a lot of speakers behind the local car, and there is a great sound.

It sounds like a stomach like a rock concert.

② DancerIt is a style of dancing while walking in the shopping street. The dancer dances after the local car passes and another team’s local car comes from behind, and then the dancer of another team repeats and Yosakoi progresses.

Closing festival

In the closing festival, only the winning team will be allowed to dance on stage. From the viewer’s perspective, it’s very popular because you can see only the good yosakoi teams.

Yosakoi people may only see the festival at night.

There are various prizes for Yosakoi, and the dance order at the later night festival is as follows. Each prize including the results of 2018 was picked up and made a video.

① District Arena Federation Encouragement Award

・ Tawaraya Group
・ Obiyamachisuji
・ Uemachi Yosakoi Naruko Ren
・ Everyone Shopping Street Everyone
・ Shikoku Bank
・ Yonden

・ Shinto Sky and Yashin
・ Yosakoi Dance team SUNNYS
・ Festival 3rd generation ・ IKU!

②Special Jury Prize

・ Ohashi-dori Dance team


③Silver prize

・jyunin toiro

・ Hama Choka Kagura
・ Kokushi Muso

④Golden prize

・ Truck Yosakoi (Chifure)
・Asahi foods

・DD Yosakoi team

⑤Yosakoi big prize


Well, it was a fun late night festival. When it came to the gold prize class dance, there was too much sense of unity in the movements, so I wondered if Yosakoi could become a main business.

However, I personally wanted to give this year’s Yosakoi Grand Prize to “Toraku Yosakoi” more than “Honoya” (I didn’t take a video because I wanted to watch it raw).

“Yosakoi” is a truly worthwhile event where Kochi Prefecture is united and working seriously on time and money! (Keep a place to stay early)

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