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Recommended for dates! Ritz-Carlton Osaka beer garden

Summer in Japan is hot. Drinking beer while saying it’s hot and hot is exceptionally delicious.

The beer garden at Ritz-Carlton Osaka, featured on the TV program “Sumatan”, went with my wife to enjoy all-you-can-drink delicious beers from around the world.

The price is about 7,000 yen, so I went with negative thinking that I did not like the contents if it was shabby, but it was better than expected.

There were only 4 sets of seats in a stylish beer garden with a tarp-like roof, so it was a calm atmosphere.

It’s perfect for a date, so it’s a pleasure to bring her and your wife!

Recommended for dates! Ritz-Carlton Osaka beer garden

The Ritz-Carlton Osaka, located in Umeda, Osaka, has a beer garden from June to the end of September.

It is a beer garden that is “drink mainly” rather than food mainly.

In the “Sumatan” course, there were only two plates and desserts, so you need to eat them beforehand or order them additionally.

①Three kinds of plates (for two)・ Green asparagus and caviar

・ Scallop teppanyaki and chorizo capper scent

・ Foie gras mousse (with baguette)

② shrimp carpaccio garlic sauce

Since there is not enough, I ordered an additional domestic beef hamburger from the menu list.

③ Menu list

④domestic beef hamburger

The amount is not enough, but the taste is definitely Ritz-Carlton. It was perfectly delicious!

It is my favorite drink menu. The best brand beers and delicious wines from all over the world were all-you-can-drink.

⑤Drink menu (right side of list)

There are 18 types of beer, so it’s a perfect. I chose several beers that I hadn’t drunk before. As a result, the two beers seemed very good!

① NewtonBelgian beer. Beer + green apple taste with a light alcohol content of 3.5%.

The taste is sweet green apple juice and it seems like you can drink as much as you want.

It’s nice joke to have a green apple beer under the name Newton!

②LeafmansThis is a Belgian beer as well as Newton.

This is a very unique and fresh fruit beer made by blending fresh juices of strawberry, raspberry, cherry, blueberry and juniper berry after aging for 18 months based on cherry.

Although it is sweet, I thought that the sourness of the cherry was also good and could be used for an aperitif.

It seems like you can drink any amount of sweet red wine and beer.

In addition, the limited edition of The Ritz-Carlton Osaka Original Golden Ale, which can only be drunk in Ritz-Carlton Osaka, was a delicious craft beer with a light mouthfeel.

Even if it is not a limited plan of “Sumatan”, there is an all-you-can-drink plan with a sophisticated choice, so please go on a date with her and your wife!

Spanish Summer Garden featuring “Marques de Riscal” can be reserved.

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